Change Management Skills Training

The Managing Change Effectively Programme

Through this programme achieve your business objectives, deal with the challenges of change, maintain productivity and motivation whilst upheaval, insecurity and uncertainty abound

Effective change management skills are crucial in the prevailing environment. Change is challenging. Restructuring, takeovers, mergers, redundancies staff cuts and the introduction of new technology lead to people feeling threatened and insecure and to a loss of productivity, demotivation and resistance. The programme deals with understanding organisational change, preparing for change, understanding the people dimension, leading and communicating change, dealing with resistance, people involvement and action planning.

Who should attend?
Line and project managers including team leaders and supervision who need to manage a change programme delivering outcomes with their teams.

Course Duration
3 days. This course is run both as an in-company programme only.

Course Objectives:

To enable delegates:-

•  To understand and manage the change process
•  To prepare and plan a change programme
•  To communicate the future vision
•  To know what transitional arrangements might be necessary to effect change successfully
•  To deal with objections and resistance
•  To take the organisational temperature
•  To use a 3 stage approach for helping others through change
•  To understand learning as a process for dealing with change
•  To know how to build confidence about change
•  To encourage involvement and creativity
•  To know how to evaluate success

The programme is highly participative allowing learning by doing, reviewing and getting constructive feedback..

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