The Coaching for Performance Programme

Improve people performance through the development of coaching skills using Accelerated Learning

Coaching has many definitions but in this programme it is about the skills and knowledge needed by managers to get the best out of their people and to get their people to be the best. Coaching is fundamentally concerned with helping people to learn to develop themselves. The programmes focuses on behavioural and personal skills enhancement.

Who should attend?
Managers and team leaders coaching for improved performance.

Course Duration
3 days in-company and open programme.

Course Objectives:

To enable delegates:-


To set up a climate which encourages people to take the risk to do things differently and to learn from their experience
•  To work closely wit h people on a one-to-one basis giving feedback, setting goals and tasks which will "stretch" them and supporting them through difficulties
•  To consider options for actively setting up learning opportunities for individuals by giving them the chance to work with different people, linking them to others who can help their development, by providing new and challenging work experiences and by giving them access to people and situations that they would not be able to access easily on their own
•  To develop their interpersonal skills for effective co aching
•  To develop their team management skills
•  To be able to identify barriers to learning and how to support overcoming them
•  To review their own personal coaching style and to identify reinforcement and improvement opportunities
•  To examine a structure to enable more effective coaching for performance
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