Recruitment, Selection and Induction

Recruitment and Selection Techniques - The fundamentals of getting square pegs in square holes and developing sound basic interviewing skills.

Successful selection is the key to successful recruitment. The cost of recruitment and the impact of poor recruitment decisions are examined. The programme looks at the mindset of the recruiter and how this conditions whether a fair, effective and successful outcome is achieved. It explores the need for a structured approach to recruitment and the benefits of recruiters developing selection and interview skills. It shows delegates how to analyse and specify the skills and competencies required for each role. It also provides a basic awareness of the legal framework and recruitment and selection best practise as well as importantly developing basic interviewer skills.

Who should attend?
Anyone recruiting and selecting and those new to the H.R. function who want to improve recruitment and selection in their organisation.

Course Duration
2 days. This course is run both as an in-company and open programme.

Course Objectives:

To enable delegates:-

•  To be clear about why a structured approach is important and to learn the basic skills and knowledge to achieve this.
•  To know the process for identifying whether the need to recruit is real in an organisation
•  To define the job and person specification using a competency framework
•  To know how to attract candidates
•  To know how to determine what information candidates need to produce an information pack
•  To short-list candidates objectively and fairly
•  To look at a variety of selection methods available for dealing with short listed candidates including interviewing, skill, ability, personality profiling and assessment centres.
•  To look in detail at the interview process and techniques to be used before, during and after an interview including such areas as :-
•  The environment
•  The structure
•  Rapport building
•  Communication
•  Questioning technique using a competency base
•  Listening
•  Non-verbal communication
•  Common pitfalls
•  Candidate Assessment
•  How to make an offer and handle rejections.
•  How to design an Induction Programme
•  Evaluation and review.
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