Research by psychologists¹ shows that using some form of objective assessment can deliver a successful recruitment rate of around 60 to 70 percent more than using an interview alone. Hands-on experience also shows that you can signicantly increase the probability of making better judgements about people for your organisation by using psychometric profiling and assessment programmes.

•  Step1: Clarify the role, the know how and experience needed, the abilit ies and aptitudes required
•  Step2: Design an assessment programme
•  Step3: Run the assessment programme
•  Step4: Be amazed at what it all reveals

A range of validated psychometric tests and occupational personality questionnaires would be selected for the role. Abilities, attitudes, values and style would be assessed and compared to what you require and benchmarked against typical outcomes for that kind of role.

•  Verbal, Numeric & Critical Reasoning Tests
•  Problem solving capability and creative thinking
•  OPQ32 and Hatfield Jeffries - Occupational Personality Questionnaires
•  Thomas International
•  Personal Profile Analysis
•  Tests for Selection and Training ( TST )

In addition, Assessment Centres and Development Centres are powerful approaches for measuring competency in a variety of job roles at all levels. Assessment and Development Centres are widely used in selection, promotion, personal development and career counselling, team building as well as management audits in acquisitions, mergers and re-structurings. They combine a number of approaches and deliver the best results as shown from our experience and from research.

¹Hunter and Schmidt, The Validity of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology, 1998  

A typical assessment centre method matrix for a middle manager might look as below;-

Assessment method
Oral Communication
Planning and organisation


Problem solving
Group exercise
Personality Questionnaire
Ability tests

- Primary source of evidence
- Secondary source

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