Stress Management

Understand and manage stress to improve performance and satisfaction in yourself and with those you manage and with whom you interact.

This programme is about understanding stress, the prime underlying reasons for it, how to identify it in yourself and in others, techniques for dealing with it positively and preventative measures to be addressed in the workplace.

Who should attend?
Managers, team leaders and HR professionals needing to understand the fundamentals of stress management for themselves, the people they manage or interact with and in respect of the organisation for which they work.

Course Duration
1 day. This course is run both as an in-company and open programme.

Course Objectives:

To enable delegates:-

•  To appreciate the key sources of stress
•  To be able to identify the common signs of stress
•  To understand a range of strategies for managing stress at work more effectively both in yourself and in others
•  To be able to manage stress more effectively in a team
•  To be aware of and practice some thinking and behavioural skills for dealing with stress covering
•  Relaxation
•  Time management
•  Assertiveness
•  Conflict Management
•  Communication skills
•  To conside the case for developing a stress management policy and program

The programme will be highly participative involving exercises, discussions and case studies to enable participants to develop skills, confidence and understanding of techniques.

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