Team Development
Developing outstanding team performance

A programme for any organisation which wants teams to perform even better, exceed expectations and deliver faster.

Effective team working is the cornerstone of delivering many of an organisation's performance requirements. The teams in your organisation inevitably need to perform even better, exceed expectations and deliver faster. Elements of this programme can be run as a one day introductory event to high performance teams or as a 4-day full programme in-house geared to real teams and their real improvement opportunities.

Who should attend?
Managers and team leaders wanting to develop outstanding team performance.

Course Duration
3 days. This course is run both as an in-company programme only with real teams with real needs.
A 1 day introductory programme is available to be run in-company. This one day open programme is also offered as an open programme.

Course Objectives:

To enable delegates:-

•  To examine the key components of leadership and the meaning of management and management style in the team development context. To develop an awareness of when and how different styles might be deployed and to gain insights into personal style and impact.
•  To analyse the criteria for assessing team effectiveness
•  To examine the building blocks of developing high-performance teams
•  To explore communication from an individual, team and organisational perspective and to identify blockages and develop improvement opportunities
•  To look at team roles and responsibilities in superior team performance
In addition the programme will examine:-
•  the importance of a shared understanding of the "vision"
•  problem solving in teams
•  time management
•  goal setting
•  managing change
•  programme implementation
•  decision making processes
•  measuring performance

This programme is intensive, highly participative, practical and results oriented.

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