Jean-Francois Schmidt
Training Cooperation Director, Airbus

"Mike, Thanks very much for what has been a good experience for us too. Eventually we have signed several of both types of contract, consultancy and employment for pilots, and you have a big share of this achievement. We'll be happy to work with you again, should opportunity arise."

David Lemon
Managing Director of Hepworth Building Products Ltd. and a Main Board member of Hepworth PLC.

I would describe him as highly able, creative, commercially oriented and very determined. In particular, I valued his design and delivery of a range of training programmes targeting development reviews, team briefing and interpersonal skills. He is highly personable, focusing on taking people with him while using his admirable persistence to deliver the objective. He is a very sound operator.

Nick Gale
Managing Diector, Ultraframe UK Ltd.

Mike successfully used psychometrics and assessment centres to help me to bring in highly talented board members and senior management. He also successfully used these methods to improve success ratios at supervisory and shopfloor levels.

Simon Russell
Group Managing Director, Robert Brett and Sons Ltd.

Dear Mike,
Thought you might like to know that we have appointed the new General Manager. He starts with us in early January.
Thanks for your help.
The psychometrics provided a valuable confirmation of our early thoughts.
Best Wishes,

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